Have difficulty come up with the perfect caption that would go well with the picture you want to post on your IG feed? Are you struggling for the right words to post with a good photo of you, your friends, or your special someone? We’ve composed an extensive collection of Instagram caption ideas that you may find helpful, or you can use Instagram post creator. Find out!

Instagram Caption Ideas For Boyfriend

  1. Endlessly in love with you.
  2. I can’t get enough of you.
  3. I am thinking bout’ you.
  4. Forever grateful to you.
  5. I was smitten by the way you caressed me without ever using your hands.
  6. The sound of your pulse soothes me.
  7. He is my heaven on earth.
  8. I like it when you refer to me as yours.
  9. My heart belongs to you.
  10. They’re not just brown eyes—they’re his brown eyes.
  11. You gave me many butterflies.
  12. He had enticing eyes; it’s the sort of place where you can get lost, which I suppose I did.
  13. I could sit here and think about all the things I appreciate about you for a minute.
  14. Although my heart is hurting, it is yearning for you.
  15. You don’t just pass through my thoughts; you’re a part of it.
  16. Stolen kisses, pretty lie.
  17. High on loving you.
  18. I’m so into you
  19. Let’s be that perfect couple that everyone hates.
  20. It wasn’t love at first sight; it took a full 5 minutes.
  21. Everyone before you is a waste of time.
  22. World changes when eyes meet.
  23. We fit like pieces to a puzzle.
  24. He’s my proof that miracles can happen.
  25. Sometimes a home can be another person.

Instagram Caption Ideas for Friends

  1. A sweet bond refreshes the soul.
  2. Our bond is more substantial than our jeans.
  3. When I say I’m not going to tell anyone, that doesn’t count my best friend.
  4. Friendship is no big deal. It is a million tiny things.
  5. Real queens fix crowns on each other’s heads.
  6. Let’s just wander around.
  7. We are doing something that is called friendship.
  8. Two halves of a whole.
  9. You needn’t be crazy to be a friend of mine. I am going to teach you.
  10. We trust in our squad.
  11. We’re almost invincible together.
  12. It’s the connection we can’t explain.
  13. Soulmates come in the form of friends, too.
  14. I never want to stop making memories with you.
  15. Always finer together.
  16. In great company.
  17. Pathetic but aesthetic.
  18. Best friends make good and bad times brighter.
  19. Partner in crime.
  20. Your vibes attract your tribe.
  21. A friend is like your favourite bra: supportive, comfortable, hard to find, and close to your heart.
  22. Find someone who brings forth your finest qualities.
  23. Best friends enter after the lover leaves.
  24. A lover breaks your heart, whereas a friend heals it.
  25. Friends that stick together stay around each other.

Instagram Caption Ideas For Selfies

  1. Just another dreamer.
  2. Everybody’s blind when the view’s amazing.
  3. Not a care in the world.
  4. Needed a break.
  5. One step closer.
  6. Escape the ordinary
  7. Only I knew.
  8. Imperfection is beautiful.
  9. Every flower must grow through dirt.
  10. The best is yet to come.
  11. Sometimes you need to fall before you fly.
  12. Inhale the future, exhale the past.
  13. Self-love.
  14. Be confident with the skin you’re in.
  15. I belong deeply to myself.
  16. Make them stop and stare.
  17. Salty but sweet.
  18. Be lowkey and let them wonder.
  19. Escape the ordinary.
  20. Know your worth.
  21. A smile is the prettiest thing to wear.
  22. Allergic to people.
  23. Aspire to inspire.
  24. Cute but psycho.
  25. Limited edition.