Viral Instagram content receives substantially greater engagement over regular posts on IG.

You will consider it a viral post if it receives 100k likes and views, along with thousands of comments, even if the account has just a few hundreds or thousands of followers. However, getting viral Instagram feature accounts is no longer as simple as it once was, as you now need a variety of factors to operate in your favour.

Nevertheless, you can eliminate some of the uncertainty. High-quality content, which individuals wish to spread, is an element of the puzzle. This post will look at different approaches to making this sort of viral Instagram feature account.

Building Instagram Feature Accounts

Aim to select a niche first when starting Instagram feature accounts, like travel. Some exclusively publish city photographs on @bestcounrtybreaks, but on @travelgoals, they share anything related to travel, like landscapes and cityscapes.

1. Find The Best Catchy Account Title.

For someone to start to follow you, you will need a catchy title. The account @nicestcountrybreaks, for example, immediately implies that it publishes country photographs, probably locations where you might travel on a quick break, and the term friendly means that it posts excellent photos.

2. Create A Profile Description.

Despite not being one most important aspects of your account, a decent description can make it appear extra sophisticated and can assist in clarifying what the account is for.

3. Make A Hashtag.

Following that, you’ll need a hashtag that’s relevant to the account. If feasible, utilize the name of your account as your hashtag. For instance, if @travelandtour is the name for this account, then #travelandtour is a hashtag. This ensures that your account and the hashtag that you use are both consistent.

Growing An Ig Featured Account?

What must you do today to develop and succeed with your account? 

1. Stick To A Consistent Theme.

Ensure that you stick to the topic while uploading photos. For instance, if you operate a landscape hub and afterwards begin sharing portraits photos, your viewers might become confused and unsubscribe from you. Here is an illustration of one of the hubs, @travelandtour, wherein they travel and tour.

2. Post Frequently And Consistently.

Make a schedule for if you intend to upload and attempt to stick to it. This maintains your subscriber’s interest and traffic pouring into your account. Also, it gives folks additional opportunities to be featured.

3. Use Pictures That Are Primarily Vertically Or Rectangular.

You should avoid landscape-oriented photos wherever possible. Notice that these photos tend to attract less attention. They believe that this is because it has fewer images displayed than in a rectangular or vertical cut. It can view vertical cropping appears to perform the most, which is probably due to the larger images.

4. Showcase Folks Who Have Tagged The Account

Tagging refers to adding hashtags, like (#travelandtour), or tagging accounts in an image. If you’re searching for new photos to showcase, check either of them.

5. Include 30 Hashtags That Are Related To Your Topic.

Utilize 30 hashtags across all of your accounts. For example, if you are a travel account, constantly utilize appropriate hashtags. Usually use generalized tags like #Travels, #Holidays, #Vacations, and hubs like #LivingPhilippines, and more.

6. Engage With Comparable Accounts In Your Field By Following And Engaging With Them.

Observe different travel-related users or like and react to their photos as often as possible. It will not only help their accounts, but it can also lead to a few of the viewers adopting and identifying you.