Learning how to schedule Instagram posts is the most efficient strategy to complete tasks in advance on the platform, allowing you to concentrate on what’s most important.

Suppose you own your own company or manage a team of employees working around the globe. In that case, a scheduling tool becomes much more effective when you have more complicated Instagram promotional strategies. This is due to the consistency of posting high-quality content, which is simpler to craft, plan, and distribute automatedly.

Can You Schedule Instagram Posts?

Yes. Listed below are the different kinds of Instagram posts that you may schedule, along with the scheduling tools you can use.

  • Instagram feed posts (video and image): Creator Studio, Hootsuite
  • Instagram Carousels: Creator Studio, Hootsuite
  • Instagram Stories: Hootsuite
  • IGTV videos: Creator Studio

How To Use Creator Studio In Scheduling Instagram Posts

To schedule and draft Instagram posts on your PC desktop, you may utilize Facebook’s Creator Studio if you have got a company or creative profile on Instagram.

You can only schedule posts in Creator Studio for followers with creator accounts. Because Instagram was created for and with social media followers in mind, it offers straightforward tools with few frills.

To schedule your Instagram posts using Creator Studio, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to Creator Studio using your Instagram account.
  2. Click Create Post.
  3. Upload your graphic.
  4. Write a new post and craft it (add mentions, write your caption, and hashtags).
  5. Click the arrow next to the blue “Publish” button to schedule a piece and choose “Schedule.”

You will learn more about each stage in the procedure below by reading on.

1. Log In To Creator Studio Using Your Instagram Account.

Please go to Creator Studio and read the directions (or use Facebook). Whether or not your Instagram is connected to a Facebook profile, the procedures you do will be different.

2. Click Create Post

After you’ve finished the initial setup, open the Instagram window by clicking the Instagram symbol in the taskbar, then select “Create Post.” Click the Instagram Feed icon. You do have the choice to post to IGTV, which is explained in a separate tutorial here.

Regrettably, you cannot use Creator Studio to publish or schedule an Instagram Story. Also, it is not yet feasible to set up Reels to appear on a specific date.

3. Upload Your Graphic

You will now be able to choose a picture from your gallery to add as just a post to your newsfeed. In addition, there are more options: you may create a carousel post or submit several photos at once.

The last step is to click the blue “Add Content” link, located in the grey box, and then select a file to upload (share one of your photos from Facebook, or choose one from Facebook.)

However, the library of content in Creator Studio does not include any of your material.

4. Craft Your Post

To wrap up, do your standard trick of writing a witty caption, including hashtags (up to 24), including social media users (up to 30), and pinpointing the place (optional). Due to Instagram’s character restriction, captions should be at most 2,200 characters (including emojis).

You may also visit the Advanced Settings page to disable comments and add some alt text for individuals with visual impairments.

5. Schedule Your Post

Now, we must plan the event. Please click next to the blue “Publish” button in the bottom part and choose “Schedule.” Additionally, you may click the Publish Now or Save as Draft button.

Please note that Creator Studio does not provide much assistance in determining the ideal time to publish. To discover when your community is online, you will want to utilize your own Instagram statistics to see when they are logged in or use Hootsuite’s Great Moment to Publish recommendations.