In today’s world, social media marketing is now one of the musts for brand sustainability. However, generating profiles on such social media sites and assuming that the rest would deal with itself is not a great tactic. It would help if you were actively present on social media such as Instagram to gain Instagram engagement.

While you may already be aware of the importance of social media sites like Facebook, now is the time to concentrate on other platforms, namely Instagram. Instagram has over 1 billion users, and 500 million of those users use the site every day.

13 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Engagement Rates Effectively

Your content could have been fantastic, but you won’t get any results if no one sees it. That’s why engagement metrics such as likes, views, comments, clicks, and interactions are so important.

To determine the performance of your Instagram marketing campaigns, you may use tools that can assist you in tracking all of these factors. You can refer to this article if you’re unsatisfied with your current engagement rates or believe there’s room for improvement.

1. Take Advantage of Hashtags.

Posts with only one hashtag generate 12.6 per cent more engagement than those without it. Research reveals that engagement rates increase when a post has nine hashtags, with 24-character hashtags coming second on the list. To quickly determine what hashtags to use, you may utilize a hashtag generator.

2. Promote Posts Across All of Your Social Media Platforms.

You can include a follow link in your marketing emails, provide information about your Instagram postings on your website, or write about it in a blog. As a result, your Instagram feed will receive more traffic, and users will follow your page.

3. Host a Contest.

Contests on Instagram have proven to raise engagement rates and boost brand exposure because it supports user-generated content. The idea that the winner will receive a prize encourages people to participate.

4. Use Emojis on Your Captions.

Adding emojis to your post increases engagement by 2.07%. Emojis in captions add a personal touch to your posts and make users feel like they’re looking at a friend’s post.

5. Share and Upload Videos.

When compared to photos, videos on Instagram often receive more than double the number of comments. Start posting more videos and mix up your content. Even if users don’t like your Instagram videos, they’ll still get a lot of views.

6. Create Interesting Contents.

People are more inclined to tag their friends in the comments if you make them laugh. Share wacky news, hilarious memes, and edgy content. Avoid doing anything that could compromise your brand’s reputation.

7. Determine the Best Times to Post.

Mondays and Thursdays are the best days to post on social media. Sundays are probably off since people are out and doing things on the weekends. Your target audience’s time-linked location will also determine the times you post.

8. Connect with Social Influencers.

You can use your connections with social media influencers. These people can share the word about your brand, products, and profile to their social media followers.

9. Post Photos with Faces.

We strongly advise that you publish photographs with faces from time to time since images like these earn 38% more likes than photos without faces.

10. Put Subtitles in Your Videos.

The majority of videos are watched without sound, while video subtitles improve view times by 12 per cent.

11. Tag Locations.

You should tag the locations of your images before posting them. According to research, posts using location tags had a 79 per cent higher engagement rate.

12. Announce New Posts on Your Story.

Announcing your new content on your story will double your engagement metrics and entice users to view and comment on the post. After that, you can encourage them to follow and like your business on Instagram.

13. Use CTA’s.

Your Instagram advertising may have many likes, but make sure that all of that love leads someplace by using a solid Instagram call to action.


Your Instagram account serves as a powerful marketing tool. However, you will only be successful if you understand how to use this tool correctly. Ultimately, your content must entice people to interact with it. Getting them to engage in your posts will boost brand awareness and lead conversions. As a result, your business will make more revenue.