The best Instagrammers regularly organize posts so that they produce a beautiful Instagram grid layout on their account. As professional Instagram users, they know precisely how to exploit this outlook, with thoughtfully designed photos that, when combined, form a stunning Instagram layout.

There are a few different methods to arrange your grid in artistic layouts. Or you can visit to discover more about the IG grid creations. These may be blended to create a visually attractive and flowing design. Please take a look at them and gain ideas for your own Instagram grid!

Ideas for Creating an Instagram Grid Layout

Exceptional grids begin with a good concept, so here are Instagram layout ideas to inspire you to do your unique design.

#1 Decide On A Color Theme

Choose a tone or a colour palette for each shot. Even if the content of your photos varies, your gallery will appear to be a matched set when viewed altogether. A straightforward method to ensure your photographs all share the same visual style is to apply the same filters to help maintain a good vibe.

#2 Make A Checkerboard Pattern

You may produce a checkerboard appearance on your grid by alternating the photo you publish—alternate written quotes with imagery or combining near with landscapes images. And reverting back and forth with two contrasting hues may also be effective.

#3 Adopt The Borders

Putting a boundary to all of your photos may help you achieve a uniform appearance. Add square frames to all of your photos, and any colour palette may be used to create a unique style.

#4 Form A Vertical Columns

Using squares to create a vertically centred photo to break up the grid is a beautiful approach to blending visual branding components with pictures on your profile.

#5 Transform To A Colorful Grid

To carry off this appearance, you will need both time and an excellent eye for colour. Upload in a particular hue regularly and then gradually shift to the next colour in the rainbow with your subsequent rows of postings.

#6 Use A Distinct Background Color For Each Grid

Organize the photos on each row with themes or shades. The problem with this one is that you must submit three pictures at once, or else alignments will be messed up. Also, you can utilize relatively similar headlines for each one to emphasize that they are a whole.

#7 Do A Puzzle Into Your Posts

A puzzle grid connects the interlinked pictures to form a single image. If it is posted individually, it may seem gibberish. However, when considered as a whole, it is a piece of art.

Tools For Instagram Grid

There are many excellent applications available that make styling your Instagram layout easy and faster than ever. These will assist you in planning and scheduling your posts and seeing how they will appear on your profile.


Planoly enables users to split a single photo into several photos for the grid and post or publish them all at once. This app is famous to lifestyle bloggers and companies who use a theme on their social media profiles. 


Unum allows you to produce and modify content, as well as evaluate posting efficacy. You can edit pictures using the designed photo editing software, and there are no limits on the number of linked accounts, and you may handle multiple profiles from a single app. 


It has a monthly post maximum of 30 and minimal editing tools, as well as the ability to design your layout, organize your grid, and schedule articles through notifications. 

Preview App

It has a free version that provides limitless picture and video uploads and editing capabilities, tagging tools, and posting statistics. 


It is indeed wonderful to have a unique grid and to try different grid designs. Applying the ideas and using the tools mentioned above will help you create an appealing Instagram grid layout.