Instagram hashtags have the potential to build or destroy any IG advertising campaIGn. If you use the most popular hashtags on Instagram appropriately because they are probably attracted to your items or business, many people will view your postings.

However, if you choose the incorrect hashtags, you may end up causing your campaIGn harm, ranging from irritating viewers to being punished by Instagram’s algorithms. Hence, to utilize hashtags properly on IG, you must first grasp how they operate then devise a plan.

What Are Instagram Hashtags?

Hashtags are groups of words, numbers, or emojis preceded by the # symbol, such as “#Love,” “#Fashion.” You can use it to organize materials and help find them easily. Moreover, you can click hashtags, and you will be sent to a page if anybody searches for the IG hashtags and clicks on them. By doing so, you will also see all of the posts associated with that particular hashtag.

Why Use Instagram Hashtags?

Hashtags are an excellent method to develop your IG fanbase and earn popularity. Your postings will emerge on the hashtag pages if you are using hashtags. Moreover, including a hashtag in your story may appear in the appropriate hashtag stories. You can see it on the hashtag pages.

Top Instagram Hashtags

You can look for the most used hashtags on IG as of July 2021 below in no particular order.

  • #like4like
  • #nature
  • #followme 
  • #tbt 
  • #follow
  • #cute 
  • #happy
  • #picoftheday 
  • #photography 
  • #art 
  • #beautiful
  • #photooftheday
  • #fashion
  • #instagood
  • #love

It’s critical to remember that IG’s most popular hashtag Instagram isn’t always the most useful. Lots of posts can indicate that many people use those hashtags, yet it also shows that there is a bunch of material. Therefore, your postings might get missed in the shuffle. Also, IG recommends combining famous and specialist hashtags to target various audiences, ranging from broad to particular.

Types Of The Most Popular Hashtag Instagram

IG categorizes hashtags into some types:

  1. Hashtags for services and products: Hashtags for services and products, like #backpack or #shoes, are simple terms that define your products or services.
  2. Niche hashtags: #weddingideas or #Photography, for example, are niche hashtags that demonstrate where you place in the scope of the business.
  3. IG hashtags for industry groups: IG contains communities, so those hashtags can assist in locating and participating in those. Consider the hashtags #fIGhtersofinstagram and #craftersofinstagram.
  4. Hashtags for a particular event or period: You can use it to connect to actual events or periods, such as #winterdays, or those National Day holidays, such as #nationalisnackday or #nationalgirlfriendday.
  5. Hashtags for locations: Even though you geotag an IG photo, including a hashtag that alludes to the place, such as #Miamicraftbeer or #Queenseats, might be beneficial.

How To Find The Most Popular Hashtags Instagram

IG, unlike Twitter, does not make a list of popular hashtags public. When you’re searching for a hashtag on IG, though, you can see that numerous posts contain that hashtag. You’ll also find a list of some famous IG hashtags that incorporate related phrases, as well as posting counts.

On a desktop PC, type the hashtags, incorporating the # sign, inside the search bar. Type the searching phrase in the searching bar on the smartphone, and hit Tags.

If you keep an eye on the IG posts, you can detect the most popular hashtag Instagram as they appear. However, do not become so fast when you take on a trend. Only use trending hashtags if they create relevance for the company and the subject of the posting.

Some Ideas & Strategies For Using The Hashtag Instagram

  1. Check out Insights to discover which tags are the most effective.
  2. Make hashtags a part of your IG story.
  3. Stay away from prohibited and abusive hashtags.
  4. Learn how hashtags pages operate. 
  5. Never use hashtags that aren’t related or redundant.
  6. Double-check that the hashtags you are using mean what you believe they do. 
  7. Save the hashtag for subsequent usage.


Keep in mind that each Instagram hashtag that users use on each post should be relevant to the content and should not be overused. Do not just put the entire stored list into each post.